Let us introduce ourselves: 

First of all, we are a BAPTIST CHURCH  and members of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, as well as SEBA, our local association. 

What are we like?

The Eden Church is a joyful, supportive church, full of love,

friendship and fun. 

Our services are informal, our worship contemporary and our

dress-code relaxed.

KIDS and  YOUTH are welcome and included in all parts of church life, including service and ministry. 

Our name invariably invokes the picture of the Garden of Eden. An important scripture for us is Isaiah 51:3, which promises that God will turn deserts and wastelands into an oasis, or garden, like Eden.  

Our Partners:   We happily partner with the other churches in town in a range of outreach activities.

We express our collaborative friendship through the local

Churches together network known as ECC.

(Edenbridge Churches in Covenant). 


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